Thota Vaikuntam (B.1942)

Born in Boorugupalli, Telengana region of Andhra Pardesh, Thota Vaikuntam is a legend in contemporary Indian art. Through his works, he has created an international recognition for himself. Simplicity is the hallmark of his works and he is dited for taking Telengana women to global audience through his works. His dark and dusky beauties, the Telangana women, have become icons much loved and sought after by the connoisseurs, as are his pandits and other village folk. Besides his work as a painter, Vaikuntam has also worked on film set designs and with children He has also deep interest in theatre and made Telegu period film - Dassi.

He often works in series, and includes people preoccupied with social and religious happenings in their lives. Some of the themes in his earlier series included mother and child, nudes and erotic images, workers and peasants, musicians and performers, teachers and preachers and of course his world famous Telangana women. His love for music is expressed in the series where we see his men and women with a variety of musical instruments. Many of the features and characters that he worked on in these series continue to remerge in his work such as a greedy priest hiding behind a sundari or a man with a flute. The parrot signifying auspiciousness and love also rears its head occasionally in his work.

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