Work of this most distinguished artist of 21st century exhibit real and abstract landscapes blossomed with vibrant colors. Early themes of Raza’s paintings resonates the passionate hot colors of India with all their symbolic and emotive value. Western modernism and abstraction is prominently displayed in his paintings. While drawing from memories of childhood spent in forests, he has also been inspired by Indian metaphysical thought.
Raza believes that his work depicts his own inner experience and involvement with the ambiguity of nature and form which is articulated in color, line, space and light. Covering nature and its various facets, he believes the Bindu (dot that he depicts in most of his works) to be the center of creation and existence.

"Bindu to me is about beginning, it is the seed from which the tree grows, it is the egg from which comes the child, it is to painting what Om is to meditation and music." --- S.H. Raza

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