The Financial Express
Interview of the week

Ajay Seth, Chief Mentor, Copal Art, speaks with the Financial Express about the economy of Indian Art Industry and advises investors about how to gain from the surge in Art Market.

Business Line
Mumbai,March 25

Tania Jaleel from the ‘Business Line’ speaks to its readers how art operates like a mutual fund and how Copal Art Fund is helping build trust amongst investors.

Consumer Voice
August 2008

Copal Art gets featured in the article ‘Art Investment’ in the Consumer Voice magazine, published in co-ordination with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India. Mr. Ajay Seth gives an insight into the art world of India.

Business World
June 2008

Sumati Nagrath from the ‘BW Business World’ magazine praises Founder Ajay Seth who managed to take the flaws in the Indian Art Industry to his stride and became a billionaire investor. His initiative, Copal Art Fund, which gives non-investors a medium to invest in art also gets mentioned.

Delhi Times
22 Jan 2011

Indian Art Summit’11 gets mentioned by the ‘Delhi Times’, where Mr. Ajay Seth addressed the audience about art as an asset with heavy returns.

The Economic Times
30 Dec 2011

Mr. Ajay Seth briefs about investing in art and is featured in the ‘Investing’ column of ‘The Economic Times’ among various valued investors.

Financial Chronical
Nov 18, 2011

In a feature article ‘Sold’ by the ‘Financial Chronicle’, Mr. Ajay Seth gives views on the potential value of Indian artists like S.H. Raza and K.H. Ara.

The Statesman
July 30,2011

‘Copal Dialogue Series’ organized by Copal Art was held at India International Centre where Mr. S Kalidas, specialist in Modern and Contemporary Art spoke about the stories portrayed in Subodh Gupta’s paintings.

Money Today

In a detailed manual ‘The Art of Riches’, Mr. Ajay Seth provides a SWOT analysis of the Indian Art Industry, backed by detailed research and inputs, to help budding investors in this field.

The Telegraph
December 18, 2006

Business Standard
August 26, 2013

Mar 18, 2011

March 28, 2011

Business World
08, November, 2014

Business Line
Mar 18, 2011