Collectibles Art Bank, a leading authority on Indian art, aspires to enhance the knowledge base of collectors both emerging and established. Founded in 2006, CAB is a dedicated Research Advisory Art Bank. The company's endeavour is to enhance the global positioning of Indian Art as an opportunity for generations. Being world's biggest Indian Art Bank, CAB is uniquely mindful of both aesthetic and economic considerations of art collectors. CAB has a marked global presence with its clients and associates spread across countries viz., U.K., Switzerland, Spain, Luxemburg, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam besides having its operations in India. The company's distinct business model, along with its strategic plan, has been validated by its success as well as by international consulting firm Ernst and Young. CAB has established one of the world's largest wholly-owned Indian art banks. CAB sources art on a non-consignment, non-exclusive basis from various artists, auction houses and art galleries across the world. The Art Bank's exclusive collection encompasses genres ranging from national heritage and senior masters to contemporary and upcoming artists.



    CAB Research adopts scientific methods to analyze the factual data of art markets across the globe and presents systematized reports periodically that help the art collectors in knowing which artworks to collect and the right time to collect those. As recommended by CAB, the art market is increasingly rediscovering earlier works of modern master artists. This development, which has been unfolding over past 4-5 years, has picked up pace in recent times as works by masters are selling fast and at higher values. Archive of art in news beginning 2006 till present. CAB also offers the archive of art in news beginning 2006 till present.


    Our advisory track record has been globally acknowledged. The works of Copal recommended artists such as S.H. Raza, K.H. Ara, Rabindranath Tagore, Tyeb Mehta, Hemendranath Mazumdar, Bharti Kher, Jogen Chowdhury, to mention a few, have appreciated phenomenally. Our services also include a detailed personalized assessment of our client's requirements, collection suggestions based on specific artists and artworks, along with weekly newsletters that provide newsworthy art information and key developments within the global art market.


    CAB offers customized services to its clients and create a personalized art collection that matches their expectations and help emerging collectors build their collection over time and enable established collectors to augment and enhance their art troves. CAB portfolio services are focused at establishing lifelong relationships with its emerging and existing collectors.


    Copal specialises in rare and exclusive pieces of Indian Art, procuring and providing finest works of Art and heritage. This is a private service for a select set of individuals and organisations, connoisseurs and novices alike, to assist them with the entire process of collection building, right from ascertaining the ideal genre to fit in one’s collection and providing the rarest and aesthetically strong works of renowned artists. With one of the world’s largest Indian Art banks, of various genres, Copal provides access to a big collection with an insight into Modern, Contemporary and Heritage of Indian Art and artefacts.


    As an 'Art Concierge' to its clients, CAB ensures the availability of a complete set of services envisaged by sophisticated collectors. The company's complete set of services includes Advisory, Concierge, Newsletters and Research. Within the Concierge service it provides Insurance, Vaulting, Maintenance, Restoration and Curatorial Services and Art Estate Planning.


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